Let’s get one thing straight: in my eyes, Justin Bieber could do no wrong…that is until I sat down and watched his latest music video/Christmas time jingle, “Mistletoe.”  This video brings the phrase “cheese-tastic” to a whole new level.  The scenes of a decked out Biebs crooning in the middle of a snowy street with a lady friend who looks perpetually “upset” (I swear she’s halfway laughing at how dumb she knows this entire video is) by Justin’s stalkerish admirers showing up wherever they are, and worst of all the school dance at the end.  The most cliché and expected finale to every teenage love saga … a dance. But this time, in the snow, with a super close-up kiss (where was Selena Gomez, I wonder…), more snow, slow music, end video.  So effin lame. And, I know, there are those that will argue “Justin Bieber brings the phrase cheese-tastic to a whole new level, not just this music video, and then there’s the usual flurry that comes with mention of his name: “he’s like 12, he’s a girl, he looks like a lesbian, he sounds like an auto-tuned baby”… I know. I’ve heard it all before.

But, at the end of the day, I am a die-hard Belieber.  Granted, at the moment, a very, very disappointed Belieber after this faux pas of a single.

Like most of his fans, when I heard JB was putting out a brand-new album to brighten up the holidays with the magic that his voice brings, I knew exactly what was going at the top of my wish-list this year.  Yet, if “Mistletoe” is any indication of what the rest of the album is to bring, I think I’m gonna sit this one out and wait for New Year’s.