This fall, I’m not looking to the streets of New York for style inspiration. Instead in my search for a guiding light in what to do about wear-to-class style, I’m turning toward…Rhode Island?

It may sound like a strange place to search for style, since the state is best known for its small size and, well, that’s about it. But it’s also home to my new personal style icon: Sarah Vickers.  She’s best known for being half of the duo behind the Kiel James Patrick accessories brand (the other half being her boyfriend and business partner, Kiel James Patrick) but she’s also become something of a preppy style maven.

Vickers has New England prep style down pat. Her wardrobe is full of vintage knits, primary colors and plaid. And while the prep style can feel a little stale sometimes, Vickers keeps hers current. Mixing patterns (like plaid and polka dots) or pairing bright colors (somehow she wore red and green together and didn’t look like Christmas) doesn’t faze her. Though “prep” may bring to mind images of expensive items from Brooks Brothers or Lilly Pulitzer, Vickers doesn’t just buy high-end. While she does sport Rugby and Milly, she’s just as soon spotted in a sweater from Savers.

If you’re a fan of Matchbook Mag, you may have noticed Vickers in the pages of its October issue alongside her partner-in-crime. Her oversized striped sweater over an Oxford shirt, paired with jeans and Sperry boots for a day out apple picking epitomized the classic/casual dichotomy that I admire most in her wardrobe. With a closet full of well-made, classic pieces, you can go just about anywhere you might hit in daily life without looking too dressed up or too dressed down. For the record, Vickers doesn’t even own a pair of sweatpants – jeans take that role for her while she looks to cords, chinos and skirts for everyday wear.

And the Matchbook article touched on something exciting, too. In addition to the line of headbands that she currently designs for KJP (which are heading onto my holiday wishlist right about now), Vickers is planning on designing apparel for the line as well, meaning her style will soon be accessible for anyone who wants it.