I’ve always been a fan of denim. Jeans are comfortable, reliable, and flattering, so what’s not to love? If you’re looking to be a little more adventurous, though, a crisp pair of colored pants in is sure to enhance your street style credibility. These gorgeous red-orange pants were featured at the center of J. Crew’s fall collection:

As the season gets colder, you can wear them with a loose black sweater and boots for a casual look. Or, pair them with a black blazer and oxford heels, and you’ve got yourself a perfect outfit to transition your wardrobe from collegiate to professional. On warmer days, I wear these pants with a drapey cream-colored blouse and black patent flats. The “Minnie” pants may look intimidating to style, but have fun with it and get creative! There are endless ways to wear them, and they’re infinitely comfortable. As someone who rarely strays from neutral colors, purchasing these in such a bright color was a big risk, but I’m so glad I did — I’m hopelessly obsessed and am now a convert to stretch skinny pants. The “Minnie” also comes in black, grey, and khaki; wear it with a slim, long-sleeved blouse, an updo, and flats to channel the ever-classic Audrey Hepburn.

If you’re looking for a more muted color to experiment with, these trousers from Zara are a great (and less expensive) alternative:


For those of you who can’t wait to purchase the “Minnie” (Vibrant Flame is on backorder for a few weeks online), Gap sells stretch cropped pants that are very similar in cut and quality. Since they have a front zip rather than on the side, I feel more comfortable wearing these with a leather belt and tucking in a gem-toned silk blouse. Or, for a more relaxed look, wear them with a t-shirt!  They truly match anything you can think of, and will soon become a beloved staple in your wardrobe.