Launched in 2006, STITCH is a fashion publication out of Northwestern University. Every week, we publish five stories online, a weekly email and a podcast. And every year, we publish five full-length magazines, host a variety of parties and events, and do our best to contribute to a vibrant campus and Evanston culture.

A Quick Letter from our Editors

In 2006, three Northwestern students sitting in a Jeremy Piven speech in Pick Staiger came up with an idea for a new magazine to bring fashion to Evanston. The first issue of STITCH launched six months later. Their vision of STITCH  to bring a little bit of glamour to the community twice a year. In the first letter from the editor, Joyce Lee laid out the philosophy, “to dedicate and devote STITCH to all the beloved members of the Northwestern community, whether they are fashion neophytes or style savants.”

Over the past decade, we have grown from a bi-annual, seven-person operation to 70 students producing five issues a year and five online stories a week. But the mission remains the same. We’ve added a podcast, a newsletter, mutlimedia content, shoots at the Art Institute and parties at The Block Museum, but ultimately we’re focused on being a creative outlet for the sartorially inclined. As an entirely student-run organization, we stretch the boundaries of student writers, makeup artists, models and event planners.


Lizzey & Sarah 

Co-Editors in Chief